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Product Features
4PSA Server Assistant is the expert full time server administrator assistant that every admin dreams of. Never sleepy, never busy, never out of duty.
Compatible with: Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, Plesk 7.1 Reloaded, Plesk 7 and Plesk 6 for Linux/Unix

4PSA Server Assistant is an application designed to help system administrator manage RedHat and FreeBSD server. 4PSA Server Assistantgathers advanced statistics and verifies system parameters. When a service is found down or lacking automatic actions are performed to maximize server uptime. Advanced real-time graphics and uptime statistics are also computed.

4PSA Server Assistant short features list:

  • Plesk integrated, restricted to administrator only
  • Monitor important server parameters:
    • CPU usage
    • Memory usage
    • Bandwidth usage + Can output server incoming and outgoing traffic for a given time period
    • Disk usage
    • System load
    • MySQL statistics
    • QMail queue messages
    • Number of processes
    • TCP and SQL socket connections
    • Semaphores and sockets
  • Compute daily, weekly, monthly and yearly real-time graphics
  • Display minimum, maximum, average and instantaneous server parameters statistics
  • Monitor server services:
    • Apache server
    • MySQL server
    • PostgreSQL server
    • Qmail server
    • Plesk admin server
    • Named server
    • SpamAssassin server
    • Mailman server
    • Free disk space
  • Automatically restart services when these are down or lacking
  • Force services restart setting for increased reliability
  • Advanced monitoring techniques to detect exceptions
  • Monitor system load in two steps and perform predefined actions
  • Email server administrator when events occur
  • Log events for easy debugging
  • Compute daily, weekly, and monthly per service uptime statistics
  • Language packs capabilities

The features are subject to change without notice. The features list applies to the latest version of the product.

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