Software voor de KMO


Product Features
4PSA Hosting Manager automates the creation of hosting accounts. The account creation takes LESS than ONE minute and can be integrated with any domain registration or payment application.
Compatible with: Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, Plesk 7.1 Reloaded for Linux/Unix/Windows

4PSA Hosting Manager was designed for hosting companies that want to maximize efficiency and offer the best sign-up process to their clients. The hosting creation form can also be used by the company as it provides the fastest way to setup accounts as well as domain balancing between Plesk servers.

4PSA Hosting Manager short features list:

  • Separate Administration Module and Client Module
  • Administration Module features:
    • Private for the hosting company
    • Full logging of client activities on the Client Module
    • Setup custom hosting sign-up form for the Client Module
    • Setup hosting packages with all parameters supported by Plesk:
      • IP Type (shared, exclusive)
      • Maximum number of subdomains
      • Disk space
      • Maximum amount of traffic
      • Maximum number of web users
      • Maximum number of databases
      • Maximum number of mailboxes
      • Mailbox quota
      • Maximum number of mail redirects
      • Maximum number of mail groups
      • Maximum number of mail autoresponders
      • Maximum number of mailing lists
      • Maximum number of Java applications
      • Validity period
      • Retain traffic statistics period
      • Hard disk quota
      • SSL support
      • FrontPage support
      • FrontPage over SSL support
      • FrontPage authoring
      • Apache ASP support
      • SSI support
      • PHP support
      • CGI support
      • mod_perl support
      • mod_python support
      • ColdFusion support
      • Web statistics
      • Custom Error Documents
    • Add / Edit / Delete remote Plesk servers (where the hosting accounts are created)
    • Communicates with Plesk servers using XML (Plesk API) or CGI (4PSA wrapper)
    • Automatically maintains hosting packages and server(s) status
    • Domain load balancing intelligence between servers
    • Template based emails sent on account creation to administrator, client (when the domain was created under an existing Plesk account), and customer
    • Template based diagnostic emails sent by maintenance scripts
    • Fully template based and language pack capable
  • Client module features:
    • Can create hosting packages in one step
    • Designed to be used on the public website area
    • Automatically selects the server where the account is created
    • GeoIP country detection for customers
    • Can be integrated with any electronic payment method, domain registration module, etc.
    • Can be used by company internally to setup accounts faster and more efficient
    • Customizable account creation report
    • Can send the account creation email to administrator, client (when the domain was created under an existing Plesk account), and customer
    • Fully template based and language pack capable

The features are subject to change without notice. The features list applies to the latest version of the product.