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Product Features
4PSA Central Login is the perfect solution for companies that own multiple Plesk servers and want to provide a central login point for all clients. For more details about this product (including pricing) contact sales.
Compatible with: Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, Plesk 7.1 Reloaded, Plesk 7, Plesk 6 and Plesk 5 for Linux/Unix

4PSA Central Login allows logins to multiple Plesk servers from one centralized point. You can have a central login page, no matter how many Plesk servers you own. Clients that have accounts on multiple servers will be able to login to the proper server in less than two seconds!

4PSA Central Login short features list:

  • Works with all account types (client, domain user, mail user)
  • Clients can login to any Plesk server directly from your business web page
  • Servers and logins management interface
  • Works with all types of Plesk servers
  • Provides full logs history
  • All input forms/pages are fully editable!
  • Forget password support for all account types
  • Implements timeout and attempt features (Plesk like)
  • Works with servers located in multiple data centers
  • Configurable to deny the admin login
  • No server selection necessary
  • Tested with over 20 production servers simultaneously
  • Language packs capabilities

The features are subject to change without notice. The features list applies to the latest version of the product.