Software voor de KMO

Product Features
4PSA Total Domains integrates the subdomain, parking and view before DNS propagation management in one interface. The product allows the creation of subdomains in Plesk 6 and greatly extends the Plesk 7.x feature set.
Compatible with: Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, Plesk 7.1 Reloaded, Plesk 7 and Plesk 6 for Linux/Unix

Plesk provides three types of hosting: physical hosting, frame forward and standard forward. Unfortunately it does not support parking. Additionally it is not possible to view hosted domains before DNS propagation. Of course, there are workarounds for everything, but all of them involve editing files manually. 4PSA Total Domains extends the Plesk subdomains support and addresses the other issues as well (domain parking, email parking, view before DNS propagation and domain PHP options management).

Total Domains Datasheet

4PSA Total Domains short features list:

  • Administrator, client, and domain user modules
  • Full resellers support
  • Advanced online PHP domain options management (includes safe_modemax_execution_timeregister_globalsopen_basedir, display_errors).
  • Subdomain’s management (regular subdomains and web users subdomains)
  • Parking domain’s management (with email parking features)
  • View hosted domain before DNS propagation
  • Ability to define limits for domains and clients (details below)
    • Global limit (per server) for domains and for clients. Limits criteria include number of subdomains, number of parkings, views
    • Particular limits for domains and clients. You can define for a particular client the number of subdomains, parkings and views he is allowed to process
    • Define the master website for every client to be used as for view before DNS propagation
  • High performance low level C scripts
  • Hide/Show product features for clients and domain users
  • Automatic DNS manager for parking domains
  • Perfect integration into Plesk
  • Separate reports for admin, clients and domain users
  • Language packs capabilities

The features are subject to change without notice. The features list applies to the latest version of the product.