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Product Features
4PSA DNS Manager is a server-level application that allows users to manage DNS Zones. With 4PSA DNS Manager you can create and manage DNS Zones and DNS Records, backup DNS Zones, manage DNS templates, gather DNS information from remote servers, etc. Due to its advanced features 4PSA DNS Manager is the ideal tool for automatic DNS management.

Where to use it
Unlike other DNS management applications, 4PSA DNS Manager offers superior automation features and a friendly client level interface.

Centralize DNS information from multiple servers. You will be able to offer two name servers no matter how many hosting servers you have and what platform or control panel is used on these. The centralization process is automatic and you do not have to add DNS Zone information to the 4PSA DNS Manager server. Interface scripts for Plesk, Cpanel, Cobalt, Ensim , DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and Helm included.
Offer DNS redundancy. 4PSA DNS Manager can act as a secondary DNS server, gathering Zone names from all the participant servers and automatically updating DNS Zone information.
Offer DNS hosting. Hosting companies can use your services for DNS redundancy. Because no work is actually required to update the list of DNS Zones, DNS hosting becomes a very simple task. Clients will love the nice interface and the DNS Zone validation features.

4PSA DNS Manager short features list:

Administrator and client management levels
System designed for automatic DNS hosting
Client permissions and limits
Command line creation utils
Supports both RFC1912 and timestamp SOA Serial number formats
DNS Zone Management:
Advanced Reverse DNS Zones management
Create DNS Zones in interface (single Zones or from file)
Master/Slave Zones supported
A, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR, TXT Records supported
Advanced Record management with server level and client level DNS templates support
Update DNS Zone information from remote servers (can fetch the list of DNS Zones added in any control panel interface)
Per server or per client Start of Authority (SOA) Records: refresh time, retry time, expire time, minimum TTL, default TTL
Automatic query of reverse DNS Zones
Remote update locations management:
Remote Zone types / Update interval
Remote update statistics
Advanced parallelism and QoS settings for maximum performance
Backup DNS Zones in CSV format:
Server level backup (backups all DNS Zones on the server)
Client level backup (backups all DNS Zones owned by a client)
Backups separate DNS Zones
Compatible with RedHat Linux 7.3, RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.1, RedHat Linux 9, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0, Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0, Fedora Linux Core 1, Fedora Linux Core 2, Fedora Linux Core 3, Suse 9.1, Suse 9.2, Mandrake 10, Debian 3.1, FreeBSD 4.9, FreeBSD 4.10, FreeBSD 5.3.
Automatic import scripts for Plesk, Cpanel, Ensim, Cobalt, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and Helm included in the package. Import scripts can be written in several minutes.
Create and manage client DNS templates
DNS Server monitoring with administrator alerts
Client / administrator / other event triggered email notifications
Custom buttons support (you can interact with other systems)
Users sessions management with advanced options
Foreign and new .net domain names support
Skinable interface (Lemon, XP, Metal styles available)
Language packs capabilities
The features are subject to change without notice. The feature list applies to the latest version of the product.

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