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Product Features
4PSA Clean Server is the Plesk integrated mail antivirus solution. Eliminate the threats of viruses and protect the mailboxes on your server. No viruses, no trojans, no malware, no malicious code, no worms!
Over 120.000 viruses and threats detected!
Compatible with: Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, Plesk 7.1 Reloaded, Plesk 7, Plesk 6 and Plesk 5 for Linux/Unix

4PSA Clean Server is the only Plesk integrated antivirus solution that protects your server. With 4PSA Clean Server the server is safe and you have total control over the antivirus configuration. 4PSA Clean Server has been protecting thousands of business for more than an year!

4PSA Clean Server short features list:

  • Separate administrator, client, domain user and email user modules
  • Antivirus protection of entire domains
  • Antivirus protection of separate mailboxes
  • Client and domain user management permissions
  • Engine processing statistics (mail processed, infected messages identified)
  • Advanced, administrator manageable hosting resellers support
  • Separate per domain settings
  • Options to alert email recipient, email sender and server administrator
  • Alert text defined by server administrator
  • Overnight virus definitions update with online report
  • Advanced rendering engine for real time graphs generation
  • Hosting business administrator branding capabilities
  • Administrator level management settings:
    • Newly added domains’ protection
    • Newly added clients 4PSA Clean Server access permissions
    • Permissions for clients
    • Statistics saving and resetting
    • Maximum email size scanning
    • Set email attachment extensions that are considered infected emails
    • Drop malformed emails (Emails that CAN NOT be downloaded by Outlook clients)
    • Drop emails that contain attachments with double extensions
  • Various report levels available for administrator and clients
  • Language packs capabilities

The features are subject to change without notice. The features list applies to the latest version of the product.
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